Here we are, the BrewCycle, ready to take the NW by storm!  July’s weather has been more than kind to us!  Thank you to everyone we’ve encountered this past month…from our die hard Timbers fans to our purple feathered bridal party, it’s been a great first month!  We hope to keep you updated through this blog as our adventures continue.  Huge shout out to Lucky Lab for being a great meetup spot for us and also for the cold beers that start and end our rides. To Bridgeport, for not only allowing us to be part of the Brew Fest this past weekend, but for making every hour happy hour for BrewCycle riders! And to Lompoc…. keep the beers and colossal nachos coming, you guys are CHAMPS! Needless to say, there are plenty more great times to be had, and we look forward to all of them. Thanks for the warm welcome, Portland. See ya on the streets!

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